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Help us Give the Flick to Unrealistic Beauty Standards!

For too long, beauty brands have advertised to us what we should look like, rather than how to embrace our natural beauty. We commonly see airbrushed models gracing our TV, computer and billboards screens- but where does it end? Pushing these unrealistic beauty standards can be detrimental to our wellbeing and most importantly, our self love. At The Quick Flick we can’t stand for this and will never endorse it. For that reason, we have made the pledge to NEVER use models in our photoshoots.

A month ago, we posted in our Facebook group Quick Flick Babes and found real customers who wanted to be involved in our latest campaign, A Wing for Every Eye. From this post, we invited seven customers to our campaign photoshoot, where we embraced their natural, unfiltered beauty. 

Meet the babes behind our Wing for Every Eye campaign!

 Hey, I’m Hayley! I’m a Pharmacy Assistant and longtime customer of The Quick Flick. It’s very refreshing to see The Quick Flick using everyday customers in their campaigns, rather than the ‘perfect’ airbrushed models we are so use to seeing. I love The Quick Flick because it allows me to achieve a beautiful wing without the fear of ruining my eye look! Fave Wing: My fave wings are Blue Velvet in Modest!

Hey, I’m Angelica! As a young student focusing on my studies,  I don’t always have enough time in the morning to achieve flawless winged eyeliner. I love The Quick Flick because it’s perfect for all eye types and ability levels- even for me with my hooded, oily eyelids and amateur makeup skills!  Fave Wing: My favourite wings are Intense Black in Modest!

Hey, I’m Fei! As a make-up artist, I believe that beauty is a way of expressing your creativity and confidence. I love having the ability to create a new persona with makeup and showing the world how I want to be seen. I love The Quick Flick as it gives people the confidence to express themselves, it’s such a powerful little tool! Fave Wing: ANY! Big, small, bold- you name it, I’ll wear it.

Hey, I’m Fallon! I’m a Mum and lover of winged eyeliner! As human beings we are all the same, yet individually we are our own kind of different. Across all categories of life, whether it be race, age, sexuality or disability, beauty is something that is timeless and inclusive of all. I love The Quick Flick because it’s always five steps ahead of the beauty industry and better yet, it’s refreshingly easy to use! Fave Wing: I’m an Intense Black Modest girl!

Hey, I’m Chrystal! As a business owner and mum to two young kids, my time in front of the mirror is basically nonexistent! As time is extremely important to me, finding beauty products that apply effortlessly and quick are a must-have in my everyday routine. I love The Quick Flick as I can apply it in minutes and be out the door without any failed attempts! Fave Wing: To The Point are my favourite wings!

Hey, I’m Catherine! As a Registered Nurse, I work around the clock so I need makeup that can keep up with me. I love The Quick Flick because it’s so quick and easy to use, and not to mention it’s super long lasting! Fave Wing: My favourite wings would be Intense Black in Modest, it’s perfect for my eyes!

Hey, I’m Shantelle! As a Mum and beauty junkie, I am so excited to be apart of this campaign! The Quick Flick is an absolute lifesaver in the morning when I want to achieve perfect wings with minimal time and effort! Fave Wing: My favourite wings are To The Point!

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