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The Quick Flick Story!

We’ve all been there, you’ve got 20 minutes to finish getting ready and you get the text we all dread, your boyfriend is on his way to pick you up. With the pressure mounting, you pick up your eyeliner and with shaking hands you carefully draw your first wing. With extreme precision and concentration, the perfect wing is born.

Feeling a little more confident, you try to make it happen again on the other eye. Slowly you start lining and whoops… you need to start again. You hear your phone buzz, it’s your boyfriend letting you know he’s outside, the pressure intensifies.

You go in for your second attempt, another fail. By the time you’ve tried about four or five times you’ve had enough. You reach for the makeup wipes and wipe off the perfect wing you drew in an attempt to rewrite history and pretend you never even tried. Now you’re late, defeated and feeling incomplete without your wings. You take a deep breath and tell yourself that you’re never going to try that again.

But what if it didn’t have to be like that?

Imagine if you could just stamp your winged eyeliner on, wouldn’t that be a total godsend? You’d be able to say goodbye to 20 minutes worth of stress and a big hello to perfect winged eyeliner!

Our founder Iris was just as frustrated as you when it came to winged eyeliner. She had tried everything from the credit card trick to the classic sticky tape hack. After countless tries, Iris thought to herself that there must be another way.

And just like that, The Quick Flick was born!

Since Iris had tried every hack on the internet to get perfect wings, she knew exactly what The Quick Flick needed. It had to be a self-inked stamp that catered to every eye type and of course it had to be vegan friendly and cruelty free!

After only a few short months, the first sample of The Quick Flick had arrived. Soon after, Iris gave the samples her flick of approval and production finally began. By July 2017, the final products had landed in Perth and were sitting in Iris’ apartment, waiting patiently to change the world.

Iris’ two bedroom apartment quickly became the very first Quick Flick HQ. With girls all over the world wanting to try the first ever patented, self-inked winged eyeliner stamp.

In January 2018, Iris knew that The Quick Flick had gone global when Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty reached out asking to try her winged eyeliner stamp. In no time at all, Iris had a custom portrait of Huda painted on a box that was filled with plenty of Quick Flicks.


I remember the day Huda Kattan posted so clearly. I knew that she received the package but I didn’t know she was going to post about The Quick Flick. I remember looking at my phone at disbelief, I was listening to Huda say that The Quick Flick had replaced her infamous Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. Within minutes, I had customers from all over the world purchasing my product and I had only launched it five or so months before!Iris Smit

From then on it was onwards and upwards for The Quick Flick. With the eyes of the beauty world on our humble brand, we were getting attention from media outlets such as The Daily Mail and Mamma Mia! This attention opened the door to one of The Quick Flick’s biggest opportunities, Shark Tank.

Shark Tank put The Quick Flick in front of everyone in Australia. You can’t buy that kind of exposure as a small business and although we didn’t go through with the deal, I learnt so much from the experience.

The Shark Tank coverage was incredible for The Quick Flick. It showed viewers that no matter your age, gender or ethnicity that there is a wing for every eye at The Quick Flick!

Personally, this was a very exciting time for me. I was able to take a step back and realise I was actually helping people and making their makeup routine that little bit easier. It is definitely one of my biggest career highlights to date.

What is The Quick Flick up to now?

The Quick Flick has now released three additional colours: Blue Velvet, Green Envy and Hot Fudge! We also can’t forget our newest shape To The Point, which has been dubbed Intense Black’s ‘sassier and sharper sister‘!

The Quick Flick also has a full-time team of five in Perth, as well as a handful of people working across the globe, all working towards the same goal – to help people slay their winged eyeliner.