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The Quick Flick Eyeliner Challenge

It’s time to put The Quick Flick to the ultimate test… we keep telling everyone how easy it is to apply The Quick Flick so let’s see how easy it is to apply while driving. Think of Carpool Karaoke, Quick Flick stye!

We’ve got a few of the QF team along for the ride while I drive (not going to lie, I am a bit of a crazy driver).

Who have we got babe?



“This isn’t even a challenge”

Intense Black Petite


“I stamped, I stamped!”

Hot Fudge Modest


“I’ve looked better”

Intense Black Modest

After giving everyone enough time to do their wings and Jason a song to rap at the same time, I’ve got to say that the results are pretty surprising! Especially Jason’s haha.

Check out the full video on YouTube and let us know if you want to see more Eyeliner Challenges like these!