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Eyeliner Hack: How to Stamp Your Wings Parallel Every Flickin Time!

The whole ethos of The Quick Flick is to give people all across the globe a bit of reassurance that no matter your skill level, you can achieve perfect winged eyeliner with our help.

Essentially The Quick Flick is a winged eyeliner hack right? What puts the biggest smile on everyone’s face in QF HQ is when someone shares a hack of their own with The Quick Flick.

Queue Chels Randall, one of our all time fave babes from Sydney, Australia. A few months ago Chels posted this YouTube video of our three best sellers, Intense Black Petite, Modest and Grand the best part? Chels shared with us a clever way to ensure that your wings are parallel every👏🏼single👏🏼flickin👏🏼time!

Step 1 | Use Your Eyebrows as a Guide

Chels is all about symmetry so by using your eyebrows as a guide when stamping your wing not only are you making sure that your wings are symmetrical and match on both sides. You’re also ensuring that your wings are parallel to your eyebrows which will make them look even better!

Step 2 | Line the Stamp up with the Arch of Your Brow

Using the arch of your brow as a guide, twist your Quick Flick winged eyeliner stamp so the wing is parallel with your arch and then drop the stamp down to your lower lash line and press gently.

Step 3 | Now Let’s Try the Other Side

Same tips as before, line your Quick Flick stamp up with the arch of your brow then drop it down to your lower lash line and press gently. Then gurl, look in the mirror at your perfectly parallel winged eyeliner!

When you get your winged liner on that perfect angle where it’s perfectly parallel to your brow and it perfectly lines up with your lower lash line. I’m just like…yes! I look goodChels Randall

Bonus Tip, Babe!

In our Facebook group, Quick Flick babes one of our customers shared another tip with us where she uses her winged eyeliner stamp to also line her eye. Chels practiced this too and all you need to do is use the same stamp you used for your eye, twist it upside down and use it to connect your wing to your lash line.

I hope this helps you babe, if you’ve got any questions just get in touch. Don’t forget to join our Quick Flick Babes Facebook group and share your beauty hacks with us too.

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